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  • Integrated operating system, database and middleware, built for business
  • Virtualized to support multiple applications and processes with stability and integrity
  • Optimized for exceptional business resilience and non-disruptive growth on IBM Power servers
  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Designed for open application design choices with exceptional infrastructure support for mobile devices
  • Thousands of industry application solutions available from ISVs
  • Simplified operations and storage management

In today's era of cloud, mobile devices and analytics, IT decisions are more critical than ever before. Choosing IBM i running on an IBM® Power Systems™ server as the foundation for a modern infrastructure means delivering on the promise of these key technologies. Companies need to know that their systems and business processes will meet the highest service levels defined by their business units while being adaptable to handle every new business opportunity. For many years, IBM i running on Power servers has helped companies to focus on innovation and deliver new value to their business, rather than diverting money and people to manage their data center operations. When paired with the latest Power® platform, IBM i applications get world class performance plus dynamic infrastructure flexibility, and modern capabilities with the opportunity to lower operations costs.

IBM develops, fully tests and preloads the core middleware components of IBM i together upfront, whereas on other platforms, operating system, database and middleware integration is done in the data center. The factory integration and testing of IBM i is a key factor in enabling companies to deploy applications faster and maintain them with fewer staff. The built-in virtualization, including workload management, enables clients to run multiple applications together in a single instance of IBM i, driving up system utilization, simplifying the IT environment and delivering a better return on IT investments.

IBM i integrates a trusted combination of a DB2 relational database, industry leading security, standards based internet technology, networking and storage management capabilities. These provide an excellent foundation for efficiently deploying business applications, supporting 3,000 solutions from more than 2,500 ISVs. IBM i solutions are offered through an extensive, highly skilled worldwide network of IBM Business Partners, backed by IBM's trusted service and support infrastructure.
IBM i also incorporates a runtime for UNIX applications—The Portable Application Solutions Environment (PASE)—enabling selected AIX and UNIX applications to be ported to the system. Not to be confused with an emulation environment, applications ported with PASE execute directly on the hardware, using the processor without additional layers or overhead. PASE applications run in IBM i jobs using standard IBM i work management, consequently, clients do not need to learn UNIX system administration. IBM and ISVs have leveraged PASE to provide support for high performance Java, PHP and other solutions.

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