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Organizations around the world are recognizing the increasing role that technology plays in driving change as they shift investments from infrastructure maintenance toward new projects that drive business innovation. The explosive growth of new mobile devices, big data, cloud, and social media represents a clear opportunity to reshape business models, create competitive advantage, and help to deliver significant business value. In order to capitalize on these emerging opportunities, IBM recognizes there is a need to respond with increased agility to deliver new services, while addressing cost, complexity, and risk. This requires an optimized infrastructure that is integrated, flexible, and secure.


The IBM zEnterprise System with z/OS is a modern mainframe environment that is uniquely suited to deliver industry-leading innovation and value. It allows your organization to exploit new technologies to help improve efficiency and speed time-to-market. It is designed to unlock the power of big data with the integration of business intelligence and transactional processing to help deliver competitive advantages through actionable insights gained from real-time analytics.


IBM's z/OS V2.1 operating system in conjunction with zEC12 and zBC12 systems is a platform that can catalyze innovation with new solutions to support core business-critical and next-generation applications. Exploitation of new SMC-R for low-overhead communications, zEDC data compression for managing active data, Transactional Execution for improved throughput, large pages for superior performance, 100-way SMP support for scale, and crypto as a service for remote encryption allow you to drive business-critical work alongside new applications -- all with the outstanding qualities of service you need. Finally, with its world-class security, and cryptography, you can trust z/OS and the IBM zEnterprise System to help protect your most valuable information, helping you to develop innovative applications while reducing operational risk.


For cloud qualities of service, z/OS V2.1 helps you minimize opportunities for downtime and achieve superior performance and availability. New enhancements around the coupling facility are designed to boost performance and drive even higher throughput. SMC-R supports application-transparent, efficient networking for the fast exchange of information across systems. Enhancements planned for Flash Express allow Coupling Facilities to be used to strengthen the resiliency of IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS Version 7 for managing messaging spikes. To support extraordinary qualities of service, z/OS V2.1 extends platform capabilities such as VSAM record-level sharing (RLS) for improved catalog performance and higher availability.


With a focus on data management, z/OS data tiering offers enhanced intelligent policy-based data movement designed to help you better meet service goals. And z/OS along with zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) offers CPU-efficient and low latency compression, designed to help your enterprise support data-intensive applications with ease.


z/OS V2.1 can help you deploy the mainframe as your secured enterprise service delivery hub and, now, as an enterprise cryptographic hub. The new crypto-as-a-service is designed to be available for Linux clients and is intended to make z/OS-based secure key encryption accessible to Linux applications while providing hardware protection for keys. The security fabric of z/OS helps you improve audit readiness, helps secure data and IP, and supports current standards to help you address evolving industry requirements.


z/OSMF V2.1, the new face of z/OS , also offers capabilities designed to help you achieve more standardized management processes and improved quality using a single user interface supporting multiple tasks. A new workflow application is designed for exploiters to help you structure and sequence your work in a repeatable way to improve process quality and reduce errors.


An extended software management application provides reporting capabilities to help you manage software currency at a glance, simply and efficiently. z/OSMF itself is designed for efficiency using the reduced resource requirements of the Liberty profile in WebSphere Application Server for z/OS , V8.5.


Getting to the next tier of computing to support new mobile and social applications, globally connected 24x7 systems, and increasing volumes of data can be a challenging journey. Let z/OS V2.1 help you easily get the infrastructure you need to get there, today.

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