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This intermediate course has been designed for CICS system designers, system programmers and operations staff responsible for planning, installing, operating and/or managing a CICSPlex using CPSM.



Delegates should be familiar with the control and intersystem facilities provided by CICS TS.



1 day.



This one-day, intermediate-level instructor-led course introduces delegates to the CICS TS System Manager (CPSM) and its components and functions.

The course provides an overview of the CICSPlex environment and requirements, with an emphasis on the functionality of its components such as the Single System Interface (SSI), Work Load Manager (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA), Monitor (MON) and Business Application Services (BAS). The course also covers the Web user interface (WUI), design and use considerations and other interfaces, such as the Batch Repository Utility (BATCHREP).

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the capabilities of Single System Image (SSI) and single point of control and definition.
  • Describe the functions provided by CPSM operations, Work Load Management (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA), Monitoring (MON), Business Application Services (BAS) and Application Program Interface (API).
  • Describe the required CICSPlex System Manager infrastructure:
    • CICS Managing Address Space (CMAS).
    • Coordinating Address Space (CAS).
    • Enterprise Storage Server Specialist (ESSS).
    • Managed Application Systems (MAS) and MAS agents.
  • Describe the security facilities provided by CICSPlex System Manager.
  • Describe the CICSPlex System Manager Web user interface.



Course introduction.
CICSPlex SM functions.
CICSPlex SM components and interfaces.
CICSPlex System Manager infrastructure.
CICSPlex System Manager concepts.
Course summary.

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