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This advanced course has been designed for CICS system programmers and installers responsible for installing, configuring, operating, or planning CICSPlex SM.


Delegates should understand and/or have previous experience with:


4 days.


This four-day, instructor-led, advanced-level course teaches students to install, configure and use CICS TS System Manager components and functions.

The course begins by covering the installation process for CICSPlex System Manager (CICSPlex SM), how to configure and start a CICSPlex Managing Address Space (CMAS) and the web user interface (WUI) server, and how to use the CICS Explorer. Throughout the course, attendees learn about the interfaces supplied by the product, such as the WUI, application programming interface (API), and batch repository utility (BATCHREP). Delegates learn how to configure and control each of the functional components of CICSPlex SM, including topology (TOP), Workload Manager (WLM), real-time analysis (RTA), monitor (MON) and Business Application Services (BAS). The course also covers how to define CICS Manager Address Spaces and provides an overview of the security environment needed by CICSPlex SM, including the external security manager (ESM) RACF definitions.

Hands-on exercises throughout the course enable delegates to apply their newly acquired CICS administration skills. These include implementing and customizing the WUI server, viewing RTA events and BAS resources with the CICS Explorer and using the WUI to perform a number of tasks, such as creating and managing a CICSPlex, defining and managing monitor and RTA definitions and defining and installing CICS resources.

Course objectives include:

  • Install CICSPlex System Manager.
  • Describe and use the web user interface (WUI) provided by CISPlex System Manager.
  • Configure and define CICSPlexes and associated CMAS environments using the WUI.
  • Define and use the CICS Explorer configured with the CMCI connected to a CICSplex.
  • Define CICS systems to CICSPlex System Manager using the WUI.
  • Manage the operations of a CICSplex of CICS systems using the WUI.
  • Create definition records to be used as directives by CICSPlex System Manager applications, such as Workload Manager, real-time analysis, and Monitor Services.
  • Use CICSPlex System Manager commands to view the data provided by CICSPlex System Manager applications and to dynamically manage them.
  • Use the BAS to create and manage CICS resources through application scopes.
  • Use the WUI editor facilities to define WUI views, menus, users, and user groups, and to edit favourites.
  • Describe the CPSM API and BATCHREP.
  • Describe and implement the security facilities provided by CICSPlex System Manager.


Course introduction.
CICSPlex System Manager installation.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM installation procedure.
CICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS Explorer.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS Explorer.
CICSPlex System Manager topology and operations services.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM topology and operations.
CICSPlex SM WUI customization.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM WUI customization.
CICSPlex System Manager Workload Manager.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM WLM definitions.
CICSPlex System Manager RTA and monitoring.
Exercise: CICSPlex SM RTA and monitoring definitions.
Business Application Services (BAS).
Exercise: CICSPlex SM BAS definitions.
CICSPlex SM security, miscellaneous services, and the API.
Course summary.

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