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This intermediate course is ideal for Scorecard Developers.


Delegates should have:

  • Experience using the Windows operating system and a Web browser
  • Knowledge of their business requirements


1 day.


This course teaches scorecard developers how to create scorecarding solutions in TM1.

Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, delegates will learn to:

  • Create all of the necessary scorecarding objects such as metrics cubes, diagrams and maps.
  • Deploy the solution to the Web for end-user consumption.
  • Create an engaging dashboard presentation for the solution.

Course objectives include:

  • Introduce Scorecarding in IBM Cognos TM1.
  • Create a Metrics Cube.
  • Visualize Relationships using Diagrams and Maps.
  • Make Scorecards Available.
  • Create Dashboards.
  • Link Cubes Together.


Introduction to Scorecarding in IBM Cognos TM1
Explain the purpose of scorecarding.
Identify TM1 components and objects used for scorecarding.
Explain the process of creating a scorecarding solution in TM1.

Create a Metrics Cube
Create a new TM1 server.
Create dimensions manually or by importing.
Create and populate a metrics cube.

Visualize Relationships using Diagrams and Maps
Edit an impact diagram.
Create a strategy map.
Create a custom diagram.

Make Scorecards Available
Create and deploy a scorecarding application.
Apply security to a scorecarding application.

Create Dashboards
Create a dashboard layout for a scorecarding application.
Publish the layout to make it available to users.

Link Cubes Together
Create links to share data between cubes.
Enable drill-through so users can view detailed data linked in from source cubes.

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