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This course is for beginning DB2 for z/OS database administrators who need to acquire the basic skills required to administer a DB2 database in a z/OS environment.

The course materials cover DB2 11 for z/OS.

Dates (Bath):

22 Oct 2018

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You should have a working knowledge of:

  • z/OS, TSO, ISPF, and SDSF
  • Sequential, partitioned, and VSAM data sets
  • Basic JCL


3 days.


Through lectures and hands-on exercises DB2 11 for z/OS beginning DBAs can develop fundamental skills or recognition of:

  • DB2 Objects
  • Structured Query Language
  • DB2 Commands
  • DB2 Utilities
  • DB2 Logging
  • DB2 Program Preparation

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Give an overview of the DB2 environment
  • Describe and utilize DB2 Objects
  • Describe and utilize several DB2 Utilities
  • Describe the DB2I (DB2 Interactive Facility) environment
  • Use SPUFI (SQL Processing Using File Input) to compose and execute SQL
  • Setup and execute DB2 Commands
  • Understand DB2 Logging
  • Describe DB2 program preparation process
  • Understand DB2 startup and shutdown
  • Understand and utilize DB2 recovery strategies


Day 1
Unit 1: z/OS Prerequisite Review
Exercise 1: Connecting to z/OS and Creating Data Sets
Exercise 1 Review
Unit 2: DB2 Relational Database Concepts
Unit 3: Structured Query Language (SQL) and SPUFI
Exercise 2: SQL and SPUFI
Exercise 2 Review
Unit 4: DB2 Objects (Databases and Table Spaces)
Exercise 3: Databases and Table Spaces
Exercise 3 Review
Unit 4: DB2 Objects (Tables, Indexes, and Views)

Day 2
Exercise 4: Tables, Indexes, and Views
Exercise 4 Review
Unit 4: DB2 Objects (Qualified Names, Implicit Object Creation, and SQL Statements)
Exercise 5: Qualified Names, Implicit Object Creation, and SQL Statements
Exercise 5 Review
Unit 5: The DB2 System
Exercise 6: The DB2 System
Exercise 6 Review
Unit 6: DB2 Commands and Program Preparation

Day 3
Exercise 7: DB2 Commands
Exercise 7 Review
Unit 7: DB2 Utilities
Exercise 8: DB2 Utilities
Exercise 8 Review
Unit 8: DB2 Shutdown, Startup, and Recovery
Exercise 9: DB2 Recovery
Exercise 9 Review
Unit 9: Course Summary

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