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This course will benefit application programmers, systems programmers and all others who have a need to write Control Language programs.

Dates (Bath):

10 Sep 2018

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Before taking this course delegates should be able to:

  • Perform basic system operations.
  • Issue the appropriate commands to send inquiry and information messages.
  • Use DDS and the host-base toolset (PDM,SEU, SDA) to create physical, logical and display files.
  • Describe basic iSeries work management.
  • Create a library, output queue and a job description.



4 days.



This is a hands-on course for iSeries students who intend to write Control Language programs to simplify server management and make effective use of system resources.

On this course delegates will learn to:

  • Create CL programs to simplify system management tasks.
  • Code CL statements for arithmetic, relational and logical expressions.
  • Use the interactive source debugging facilities of STRDBG.
  • Create user-defined commands with and without parameters.
  • Create a Control Language program that processes a database file.
  • Create and invoke a program that is activated periodically and executes asynchronously from other jobs.



Arithmetic/boolean/string expressions.
Program variable definition and use.
Built-in functions.
Conditional processing.
CALL/RETURN and parameter passing.
Date conversion.
Display and database file handling.
Selective command parameter prompting.
Data Area and Data Queue manipulation.
Retrieve and change job/user attributes.
Using system values.
Message handling.
Correcting programs with source debug.
Never-ending batch programs.
User-defined commands.
Compiler options.

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