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This is an intermediate course for individuals who write programs in Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), or Programming Language One (PL/I), or Assembler language using DL/I to navigate through an process IMS databases.

Dates (Bath):

15 Oct 2018

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Delegates should be able to:

  • Construct a non-DL/I application program in COBOL or PL/I.
  • List the basic components of the IMS database system - this knowledge can be gained by attending the IMS Fundamentals (CM01G) course.


3 days.


This course teaches delegates to write application programs that use Data Language One (DL/I) to process Information Management System (IMS) databases.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the basic differences between files and IMS databases as they relate to application program coding and logic.
  • Describe the terms and processing characteristics of IMS hierarchic data structures.
  • Construct DL/I calls for either COBOL or PL/I language programs.
  • Write, test and debug a batch application program that uses the DL/I call functions.
  • Use the IMS Test Program to prototype application program calls, and to perform ad-hoc read and update access to an IMS database.
  • Describe the applications and uses of other DL/I features.
  • Program for recovery and restart using DL/I calls to establish synchronization points.
  • Describe the functions provided by High Availability Large Database (HALDB), and any program differences when accessing a Full Function database or a HALDB.


DL/I Environment.
DL/I Call Processing.
DL/I Rtrieval Calls.
DL/I Update Calls.
DL/I Programming Techniques - Part 1.
DL/I Advanced Segment Search Arguments SSAs - Part 1.
DL/I Test Program.
DL/I Programming Techniques - Part 2.
DL/I Advanced Segment Search Arguments SSAs - Part 2.
System Service Calls.
Programming Standards.
High Availability Large Database (HALDB) Access.

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