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This intermediate course is for database and system administrators.

Dates (Bath):

8 Oct 2018

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You should have:

  • Experience with administration of other relational database management systems
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux operating systems


4 days.


In this course, you will use your experience with other relational database management systems as a basis for learning how to administer the Informix database server. You will learn the terminologies used to describe Informix database server objects and processes. You will learn how to configure and start an Informix database server instance, and perform tasks related to the monitoring and maintenance of the instance. You will also learn the terminology and tasks required to design and maintain Informix databases and queries.


Configure and initialize an Informix database instance
Add and remove spaces and chunks
Manage the operating mode of the database server
Monitor server activity
Create and alter database objects
Explain locking granularity
Explain Informix isolation levels
Use SET EXPLAIN to obtain a query plan
Use UPDATE STATISTICS to better define data distribution
Create simple stored procedures and triggers

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