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This intermediate course is intended for experienced system programmers and subsystem administrators responsible for installing and implementing z/OSMF in their enterprise.

The students must have basic knowledge of z/OS UNIX System Services (USS), and the skills normally required to install a z/OS product using SMP/E and batch jobs to update system data sets.

RACF knowledge is useful, as well as WebSphere 8.5 Liberty profile for z/OS.


You should have a good knowledge of z/OS at the level of a z/OS system programmer, acquired on the job or through the z/OS curriculum, including skills required to install and customize z/OS UNIX applications.


3 days.


This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to install and customize IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) 2.1, and use the functions and features provided by z/OSMF.

IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) is a product for z/OS that will simplify, optimize, and modernize the z/OS system programmer experience.

z/OSMF delivers solutions in a task-oriented, web browser-based user interface with integrated user assistance.

In this course, we introduce z/OS Management Facility and its architecture; and describe the components that are necessary to run z/OSMF on z/OS.

In this course, you will also learn the installation and customization of z/OS Management Facility, and will customize several system components to exploit the following z/OSMF functions:

  • z/OSMF Software Management Manager.
  • Capacity Provisioning.
  • Classic (ISPF) Interface.
  • Incident Log.
  • Configuration Assistant for the z/OS Communications Server.
  • Workload Management.
  • System Status, Resource Monitoring.
  • Workflow.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the purpose and benefit of z/OS Management Facility.
  • Describe the functions provided by z/OS Management Facility.
  • Describe the technical overview of z/OSMF features and architecture.
  • Describe the z/OSMF client and server operating environment.
  • Describe the systems management tasks and updates with every release.
  • Indicate list of publications and references.
  • Describe ordering and installing the z/OSMF software (code):
    • Using ServerPac or SMP/E.
  • Describe setup and configuration overall process:
    • Configure z/OS prerequisites for plug-ins.
    • Configure z/OSMF.
  • Explain any migration issues or concerns.
  • Describe the details of each function, updated for each release ofz/OSMF.
  • Understand the detailed examples of how to use the z/OSMF features.
  • Describe the z/OSMF tasks (and release of z/OS and z/OSMF that was introduced).
  • Manage the z/OSMF Administration:
    • Adding users, defining roles, new SAF-based authorization.
    • Customize Welcome screen, add Links.


Day 1

Unit 1: z/OS Management Facility: Overview.
Unit 2: z/OS Management Facility: Implementation and configuration.
Exercise 1: z/OSMF planning and prerequisites.

Day 2
Exercise 1:z/OSMF planning and prerequisites (continued).
Exercise 2: z/OS Management Facility configuration and setup.
Unit 3: z/OS Management Facility: Usage.
Exercise 3: z/OS Management Facility post-configuration and administration.

Day 3
Unit 3: z/OS Management Facility: Usage (continued).
Exercise 4: z/OS Management Facility exploitation.

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