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This intermediate course is intended for system programmers.


You should have:

  • Knowledge of z/OS at the level of a z/OS system programmer, acquired on the job or through the z/OS curriculum.

Warning: This class only covers changes packaged in z/OS V2.1 and expects you to be familiar with the contents of the z/OS V1.13 and previous system upgrades. For those who have knowledge or experience based on lower levels of z/OS, you should first attend:

  • z/OS V1R11 to z/OS V1R12 Update (ESC30) (which brings skill level up to z/OS V1R12).
  • z/OS V1R12 to z/OS V1R13 Update (ESC50) (which brings skill level up to z/OS V1R12).


3 days.


This course is designed to teach you the new features and enhanced functions provided in z/OS Version 2 Release 1. The software updates and enhancements for z/OS V2R1 are presented in groups based on closely associated z/OS components. The groups include enhancements to the base control program, sysplex features, UNIX System Services, the data storage subsystem, Communications Server, and security components, such as RACF. Finally, the installation and migration issues relating to installation of z/OS V2.1 are discussed.

Course objectives include:

  • List the main enhancements in z/OS V2R1.
  • Describe and implement, where necessary, the other enhancements packaged with z/OS V2.1 including:
    • Software support for zEC12, zBC12, and zBX hardware upgrades.
    • The BCP includes the I/O configuration program (IOCP), the Workload Manager (WLM), System Management Facilities (SMF), HCD/HCM, the program management binder, Language Environment, Global resource serialization, z/OS sysplex, cross-system coupling facility (XCF), Coupling Facility Resource Manager (CFRM), system logger, and other components like z/OS Management Facility (zOSMF), BCPii, z/OS Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) and z/OS Job Entry Subsystem 2 (JES2), JES3, SDSF, z/OS Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF), time-sharing option (TSO), REXX.
  • Plan for and install the z/OS V2.1 system:
    • The USS kernel, USS shell, and related file system services.
    • Data storage management which includes Extended Address Volumes, DFSMSdfp, DFSMSdss, and DFSMShsm.
    • Communications Server which includes features of the TCP/IP address space, general IP, and SNA modernization.
    • System security - RACF.


Day 1
Unit 1: An introduction to z/OS V2R1.
Unit 2: Enhancements to the BCP (part 1).

Day 2
Unit 2: Enhancements to the BCP (part 2).
Unit 3: Enhancements to the UNIX System Services environment.
Unit 4: Enhancements to z/OS data storage management (part 1).

Day 3
Unit 4: Enhancements to z/OS data storage management (part 2).
Unit 5: Enhancements to Communications Server.
Unit 6: Enhancements to z/OS system security.
Unit 7: Installation of z/OS V2R1 and SMP/E.

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