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As an Education Partner to IBM Global Training Provider, Global Knowledge, we offer an extensive portfolio of software and hardware training. Our services are distinguished by an innovative approach to learning and the ability to customise content to a client's needs.

We utilise flexible and customisable training techniques in an adaptive approach, blending IBM products, technology,and methodologies to deliver training to our clients with no limitation to where they are in the world. This accessibility has multiple benefits for the customer:

  • a better understanding of its software and hardware investment
  • faster user-adoption
  • more effective use of the product and technology.

The Verhoef team, in partnership with Global Knowledge brings creative and innovative solutions to customer challenges. Our public and private learning solutions fit the diverse learner needs in any variety of delivery methods: classroom, virtual, self-paced, and onsite.


The Training

All training opportunities can be found on the IBM training website (www.ibm.com/training). The GTPs list their courses, allowing clients to choose the course based on the partner that offers it, as well as how the course is delivered. Once the client chooses the course, the client is directed to the individual GTP's website to see more details about the course and other offerings from the training provider. The Global Knowledge, Bath schedule is run by Verhoef - so you can still book via the IBM site, the Global Knowledge site or direct with us, the costs to you are the same and you still get any IBM discounts etc.

IBM intends to incorporate some social-media capabilities so customers can rate their experiences with each course and GTP. This rating system will help qualify the GTPs and give customers an easy way to provide valued feedback. Because training is a commercial business for the GTPs, IBM is encouraging them to not just take the old IBM model and shift it to their world. Rather, IBM is pushing the GTPs to come up with new, innovative education offerings and go-to-market strategies. This innovation will grow skills in the marketplace, which is a win for the complete ecosystem—clients, business partners, IBM and GTPs.

IBM is working with clients, partners and GTPs to revise the certification programs. While the certifications will be based on IBM technology, they will also hit broader topics outside the IBM product line. One topic students may become certified in, big data, will be re-examined to determine how it would look to a data scientist versus someone who understands only part of the IBM portfolio.

Another avenue IBM is encouraging GTPs to consider is succession plan education. For example, many clients who are maintaining, administering and building applications on the System z* platform are nearing retirement age.  GTPs could look at a particular industry or particular geography where there's a high presence of System z, and make that an offering into that market. This succession plan education is something IBM customers are requesting. By offering it, the GTPs will have an opportunity to grow their business while addressing client needs.


Smooth Transition

Since the new training model was launched, it has been well received by clients. The network of instructors that was in place prior to this new model is now working with the GTPs, and the transition has been smooth. Customer feedback has been positive, with most clients saying they are getting more opportunities for education from local partners, which is exactly what IBM envisioned.
Analysts are also on board, saying this model is favourable because IBM is keeping its hand in making sure the quality of the training is maintained, but also giving GTPs the freedom to be autonomous and creative regarding how they go to market. Improving the lab structure is at the top of the list for future improvements to this new model. IBM is working with partners to make this happen, all while being sensitive to the needs of the growth markets. IBM is always looking for feedback from partners and clients, so if you have anything to add, please let us know!

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